What is Obedience?

Obedience is a performance event. The judge does not base his decisions on the dog’s appearance or conformation, but rather scores the dog on its ability to do the activities asked by the handler (sit, stay, come, retrieve).  You can read more about the sport of Obedience on the AKC website at www.akc.org/sports/obedience.

What is Rally?

In Rally, the handler reads signs that tell him what commands to give his dog. The basics of obedience are used with some variations that challenge the dog and handler.   More information about Rally can be found www.akc.org/sports/rally.   Rally signs and descriptions are included in the AKC Rally rulebook found at www.akc.org/sports/rally/rally-resource-center.


Rally and Obedience Trials

When & Where:
The next trials hosted by the Calcasieu Kennel Club will be held in Lake Charles, LA, on June 7-9, 2024. There will be 2 Rally and 2 Obedience trials on Friday (7th) and Saturday (8th), and 1 Rally and 1 Obedience trial on Sunday (9th).

Premium List:   The Premium List gives you details about the trials.  The judges selected and the classes offered are included, as is information about the show site.  The Premium List will be available here once it is published.

Entering: Once you complete the 2024 entry form from the Premium List, you will submit it to the show superintendent (Onofrio Dog Shows) with your entry fee. Submission information is included in the premium. .

Obedience Classes: Calcasieu Kennel Club plans to offer Obedience training classes beginning in the Spring of 2024. Information will be added to this site when dates have been set for the classes.

Rally Classes: Rally classes are held as there is interest expressed in taking classes. If you would like to enroll in a Rally class, you may contact the club at ckcevents@yahoo.com